I love… Whitelines

I’m not a particularly picky person – not in general. But one area where I am very particular is that of my writing notebooks. For me the perfect notebook must:

  • Be A4, with room to spread my thought out over the page.
  • Have squared paper (not graph), allowing the flexibility to write both ways and think at right angles.
  • Have good quality, thick paper that will gracefully take a fountain pen without scraping or the ink running.
  • Be hard bound, to survive going everywhere with me every day.

I rarely find notebooks that tick all of these boxes in the UK (though on the continent I can often find school lab books that fit the criteria) and often have to make do with the best I can find in my local stationers.
That was until I discovered Whitelines – now I will never go back.

Whitelines notebooks are simple and beautiful. They are also ethical – having a zero carbon footprint in their production.
The unique point about Whitelines is that the paper is a very pale grey with white lines, instead of white paper and dark lines (the clue is in the name 😉 ). This is so that the lines do not interfere with the text.
The paper is smooth and takes a fountain pen well, and there’s a ribbon bookmark. What more could a girl ask for.

I was so impressed by the first Whitelines notebook I bought that I went and ordered all of the squared notebooks that Amazon UK had in stock at the time.

Now to dream up some stories to write in them all.

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