Starting to get real

Today I’m on a little bit of a high. A few things have happened lately to make the release of Heartweed on Kindle seem very real and very soon.

  • I finished editing. I typed up all of the edit changes that I made on the paper manuscript and made a few more on the way through. It was an amazing feeling to finish the book again (for the fourth time) and this time feel like it was ready to be published.
  • I formatted the book for Kindle. The addition of a proper title page, copyright statements, a table of contents, a dedication and end matter, and changing the text into a more professional and final looking format put good butterflies in my stomach.
  • I received the mock-up of the cover art from my awesome artist friend. It looked stunning. It made me feel like I had a lot to live up to in the text that would follow an image that awesome. Having read through in the edit, I’m pretty confident I can hold my own.

Next step is the proofread of the Kindle formatted text to check the formatting and find any stray typos that I may have missed.

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