Etched Offerings

This week was a good week. I went from being an unpublished author to being twice published (OK – the second of these was self publishing, but still exciting).

More exciting is having been chosen to be published alongside many other talented fiction writers in Etched Offerings, an anthology of pagan-flavoured fiction.

The anthology is available on and Smashwords.

There are some awesome stories in this collection. Read as a group it is interesting to see the threads and themes that run between stories. One theme that I noticed in quite a few of the stories was the theme of ‘searching’, most often for answers, sometimes for love or for a killer. In most cases the search is rewarded, though not always in the way you’d expect.

My favourite stories in the anthology are the two that lean most heavily towards a specific genre.

Wolves, by Cory Thomas Hutcheson, is an out and out ghost story. The lights go out, a blizzard closes in, strange things start to happen.

Worst Place to Be, by Trevor Curtis, feels like pure noir. The hard-drinking paranormal PI is recruited onto a case by an ice-cold, well-dressed dame – he just knows it’s going to mean trouble.

My own story, Empty Places, is a story of a contemporary family going through a sad time, but it ends with hope.

Hurry to Smashwords and get yourself a copy. It’s worth the price to sample all of those talented writers.



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