Brimham Rocks by ebygomm

Brimham Rocks by ebygomm

On Boxing Day, my family and I went out to Brimham Rocks for a walk and a clamber. It had been years since I had last been out there and climbing around on rocks made me feel ten years younger (or ten years old – which was how old I was when I first went).

The weather wasn’t as clement as in the picture above. The wind scoured across the top of the hill and almost blew us off the top of some rocks. The clouds loured over us. The hills in the distance huddled in bruised colours. It was an atmospheric place that day.

I’m inspired. I hadn’t thought of including Brimham Rocks in my Heartweed series of books, which are to be set in and around York, but now I have to include them, and probably build a whole plot around them. They are tremendous works of nature and they would afford plenty of opportunities for running, climbing, chasing, and falling in action scenes.

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