52 Under 2 Book Reviews

This is something in the nature of a New Year’s Resolution, but those are made to be broken so instead let’s call it a Manifesto – because that sounds cooler.

This year I will read and review 52 self-published eBook novels on this blog.

One a week = 52, so far so easy. The ‘under 2’ part comes from these restrictions:

  1. The book must cost under £2
    That’s about $3.12 at today’s exchange rate – I’ll call it $3 all year for the sake of making it easier on myself.
  2. The author must have under 2 books published on Smashwords.
    I know technically ‘under 2’ means 1 and I will be aiming for novels that are an author’s debut, but I will make an exception for authors who have self-published exactly 2 books if the book in question sounds tasty enough. Why? Because this is where I am as a writer, and I want to show some love to those who are in the same boat as I am, sailing towards the same dreams.
Other restrictions:
  1. I discover the book myself.
    Sorry, I don’t take review requests. Part of what makes this interesting to me is searching for a book or books to read and figuring out how the author managed to lure me in to reading. In this publishing climate that’s almost as important as what’s between the covers.
    There are plenty of book reviewers who will take review request and add a novel to their TBR pile. I’ve discovered that a lot of them are quite backed-up and might take a few months to get to a novel. Which leads me to…
  2. The book was published the preceding week.
    Yup – I only want it if it is hot off the metaphorical presses. Why?  Because you’ve written a book, you’re excited about it, you hit publish, and then…
    So some folks might get a thousand sales straight off the bat (and congratulations to you, you awesome-writing, super-marketing machines), but many will sit on tenterhooks watching for those early sales and feeling a stab of joy every time the counter goes up. I want to stab people… with joy, that is. Hmm, I’d better go back to the beginning of that metaphor and start again.
    I think it’s just nice to know, once you’ve put yourself out there, that someone is paying attention. And it might mean more early on, than when an author’s focus has moved to constructing the next story.

Discovery: I haven’t refined this yet, but I think my book discovery mechanism will be to search Smashwords for books in YA, SF, fantasy, or a combination of the above, that have been published in the preceding week and, based on the cover and the blurb, build a shortlist of 5 books that I might like to read. I can then use the sample/excerpt facility to pick from this 5 my book for the week.

I’ll post information about the other 4 books that I didn’t choose to review as well, in the hope that that might spur someone else to read and review them. Though just because I didn’t choose to review a book on a given week, doesn’t mean I won’t read it ever.

So that’s the plan; wish me luck.

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