52Under2: Week 1 Shortlist

Week 1 of my 52Under2 book reviews.

These are the Top 5 books that caught my eye on Smashwords this week and I’ll be reviewing one of them in depth later in the week.

Into the Mist: Silver Hand by Steve Finegan
The  cover of this book looked good and, despite the slightly messy look achieved by having three different fonts, it got me interested enough to read the blurb. I found the idea of an epileptic hero, whose epilepsy gives him special abilities, quite tempting. Unfortunately when I went to read a sample the links on Smashwords were covered by an image and I couldn’t get  taster.
The author has also released this book as a podcast, which I might give a try at some point, as I’m always on the lookout for stuff to listen to while at the gym.

The Shadows in Between by Nicole T Smith
This book is tagged as a paranormal romance, but the cover is a bit different from what I’ve come to expect from a lot of books in this genre (a complete lack of black background for a start). It was this difference that made the book stand out enough for me read the blurb. Though I wasn’t clear immediately what flavour of paranormal was in this romance, I put it on my shortlist of books to read excerpts from.
The excerpt reveals some pretty good writing. The main reason I won’t be buying and reviewing this novel is that the paranormal flavour is ghosts and that’s just not my preference. But if ghosts are your bag, give it a try.

Children of the Gods – A Chosen Novel by Monica Millard
Another one where an attractive cover pulled me in. I liked the image, though I found the font a little bit difficult to read without zooming in. The cover got me to the blurb where I found another interesting/tempting story concept.
The only thing that turned me off the idea of reading this book was a spelling mistake in the Extended Description. (Shallow of me I know, but sometimes it’s all in the details.)
The author also offers a free short story eBook set in the same world as a prequel. Give it a try to get a taste of what the novel has to offer.

Monstrous by Ty Simmons
The cover of this novel reminded me of Cassandra Clare’s Mortal Instruments books, which I must admit is one of the reasons I added it to my shortlist. This book is well blurbed (is that a word?) The short description is succinct and gets you interested, then the long description fills in more detail and introduces more characters without giving too much away.
Reading the excerpt, you get straight into a suspenseful situation and it was compelling enough for me to keep reading for a while. This book is definitely going on my TBR pile, but it’s not the one I’ll be reading and reviewing this week.
And the reason for that is that I really wanted to read this next book instead.

UnEnchanted by Chanda Hahn
I love this story concept. A descendent of the Brothers Grimm being threatened by a story. Even though the writing in the excerpt wasn’t the best out of all of these, the concept was interesting enough to make me eager to read this book and see what the author does with it.
I’m off to download this book and I’ll post a review of it later in the week.


3 thoughts on “52Under2: Week 1 Shortlist

  1. Hey Erin! I’m so excited that my cover pulled you in! Even more awesome that the concept is tempting! 🙂 Whichever book you choose, I hope you have an enjoyable read!

    What a great idea and a wonderful thing you are doing here, reviewing and supporting self published debut authors! Best of luck to you on your book!

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