52Under2: Week 2 Shortlist

Week 2 of my 52Under2 book reviews.

These are the Top 5 books that caught my eye on Smashwords this week and I’ll be reviewing one of them in depth later in the week.

This was a strong week for vampires and vampire series on Smashwords. The number of YA vampire books released this week is well into the double figures. While I’m a little vampired-out I thought that I should include at least one vampire book on the shortlist and that book is:

Vampire Kissed by Timothy Knox
The punchy first line of the description made me chuckle and did a good job of putting the book straight onto the shortlist. Bonus points for the use of the word ‘abounds’.
The excerpt I read was good and had quite a few original and interesting turns of phrase in it. The author has also taken quite a bit of time and effort to polish and proof and format his novel.

Revealed by Heather A. Hendrix
From vampires to fallen angels (though with some vampires in the mix). Revealed has my favourite cover of all the books in the shortlist. Simple and with an interesting font, the only drawback is how small the author name appears.
The extended description shows that there’s a lot going on in this novel: fallen angels, immortals, vampires, clandestine agencies.
There are a few grammatical mistakes in the excerpt and this dissuaded me from reading the whole novel.

Death’s Promise by Cheryl Twaddle
Death’s Promise promises a story centred around time travel – a category I’ve found to be under-represented in the YA fiction that I’ve been exposed to.
This book lost me at the excerpt, which just felt like a slow start with too much scene setting and protagonist description right up front.
However, this is another book where the author has taken time to make sure that the text is polished and professional before releasing it.

Dimensia by Steven Thornton
This one made the shortlist because it seemed just so different to a lot of the other books out this week.
The cover is bright and riotous. The description gave me very little idea of story and characters but got me interested enough to read an excerpt.
However, it was not to be. The part of the excerpt that I scanned through dripped with exclamation marks. Frankly, the idea of reading almost 100,000 words with that density of excitement exhausted me.
This author has a lot of ideas and the enthusiasm to explore them.

The Between by LJ Cohen
Faeries are my favourite subgenre of fantasy (after all, my own novel is a Faerie tale) and that is what drew me initially to this book.
The plot description reminded me a bit of Holly Black’s Tithe: a girl discovers she’s a faerie, there’s a struggle between light and dark courts.
The excerpt was good enough to keep me reading and gets straight into the plot. So this is the book that I’ll be reviewing later in the week.
The clinching factor: the author is a fan of Doctor Who.


One thought on “52Under2: Week 2 Shortlist

  1. Cheryl Twaddle says:

    Hi Erin! Thanks for taking the time to read the sample pages of Death’s Promise. I appreciate the critique and will keep it in mind with future work.
    Cheryl Twaddle

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