52Under2: Week 4 Shortlist

Week 4 of my 52Under2 book reviews.

These are the Top 5 books that caught my eye on Smashwords this week and I’ll be reviewing one of them in depth later in the week.

This weeks shortlist shows a high quality of writing. I think I’d be happy to read any of these books. There’s quite a bit of variety in this weeks shortlist: a faerie tale, a scifi/fantasy epic, a contemporary thriller, a historical fantasy, and a werewolf story.

Poppy, by Riana Lucas
This book is the story of a faerie warrior and I’m always fond of a faerie tale. The cover photo looks almost abstract when viewed in small scale, but it works. There were a couple of errors in the short description and excerpt, but overall the writing in the excerpt was pretty good.

Starmarked, by Brian Labore
Pure fantasy story. Really liked the cover of this one, though the text was hard to read. The art was simple and detailed at the same time.  It’s a siblings story, which I always enjoy. The excerpt is well written. It gets straight into world-building, but without being boring.

Institution, by Cale Dietrich
Another siblings story, this one contemporary. The description feels a little contradictory. Initially it sounds like it is a post-war dystopia story, then it becomes clear that this story is about the lead up to the war. The extended description gives a much better idea of what the tale is about.

Curse of the Jade Amulet, by Annie Crawford
The cover for this one seems to aim at an audience younger than the description and excerpt seem to be aiming at. The concept and setting of this book really interested me. I don’t know much about Mayan history, but I enjoyed Aliette de Bodard’s Servant of the Underworld (Aztec, not Mayan), and would be interested in reading more things set in those sorts of cultures.

Caged Moon, by Rachel Deagan
The cover of this novel immediately drew me in: simple, elegant, well-designed. The excerpt was interesting, with undertones of menace from the outset. This is the book that I’ll be reviewing this week. So far, I’ve read faerie books and vampire books now it’s time to give a werewolf book a try.

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