52Under2: Caged Moon by Rachel Deagan

The book I am reviewing this week for 52Under2 is Caged Moon, by Rachel Deagan.  It is about 55500 words long it is available on Smashwords for $2.99.

Congratulations to Rachel Deagan on the release of her novel.

Caged Moon is the tale of Charlotte, a girl stalked by wolves. She moves to a new town, meets a golden-eyed boy and discovers how different she is.

This book had a good balance between the amount of romance and the amount of adventure. It started with an undertone of menace that was good enough to keep me interested while the setting, characters, and romance are established. Things kicked up a gear around the 30% mark when the jeopardy started, from then until the end the pace kept up and there were no dull moments.

There were quite a few spelling mistakes of the kind that spellcheck doesn’t spot and a few words that were split into two (‘over road’ instead of ‘overrode’ is one example I spotted that fits both of these descriptions). These didn’t detract too much from the reading experience. One inconsistency that did bug me a little was that one character was called Byron or Bryon alternately – sometimes within the same paragraph.

I enjoyed the twists at the end of the tale. There were a couple of things that I didn’t see coming that I appreciated when they happened.

Overall, I’d give this book 3 out of 5, and I’d definitely read future books by this author.


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