Accidental Life

“Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you might miss it.” – Ferris Bueller

A good quote from a fun movie. It’s especially applicable at the moment, because lately I’ve been looking around at my life and thinking “Wow, I got here in a hurry” and “This isn’t remotely where I intended to be or really want to be”.

Life moves faster and faster as you get older. School flows into college, which flows into university, which flows into a graduate job. With the latter two I was just so grateful that they wanted me that I didn’t deeply consider whether I really wanted them.

Going to uni and getting the job I did seemed like correct steps along the path to… something. Meanwhile I was dreaming dreams and using phrases like ‘when I grow up’ or ‘when I start my real life’.

Now I’m almost 30 and I’ve realised that every step I’ve progressed through my life so far has been, if not accidental, haphazard. I’ve accidentally ended up in a career that I have no investment in. Of course, now that I’ve realised this, remaining in the job I hate ceases to be an accident. If I stay it becomes a choice.

Time to make a change. Time to start again, to retrain, to rediscover what excites me and pursue it. Life moves pretty fast, but I’ve got the will and the moves to chase down and capture the life I want.


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