52Under2: Week 8 Shortlist

Week 8 of my 52Under2 book reviews and this week is going to be a skip week. I’m feeling a little inundated and don’t have time to read and review a book.

I’ve still had a look at the new releases in YA paranormal fiction on Smashwords and picked out 5 that look interesting. Give one of them a try.

Spell Check by Ariella Moon
A girl has to save her secret crush from a love spell cast by her supposed friend. This book comes from a small press so it’s well edited and formatted (though the HTML sample skips between fonts). It starts strongly, getting right into the meat of the story and setting up the major conflicts.

Dark Promise by Malcolm B Lambert
A teen witch gets attacked by demons on her 16th birthday. Then she gets sent to magical boarding school. I’ve seen a few ‘magic school’ books come by in the past few weeks – legacy of Harry Potter. I loved the manga style cover and the snappy book description. Excerpt lost me when I fell over a missing word in the second paragraph.

Kingdom Animalia by M D Jones
A zookeeper investigates the disappearances of exotic animals from his zoo with the help of an amulet that can transform animals into people. Excerpt starts quite well, but beware if you are sensitive to strong language – the f-word gets used twice in fairly short order.

The Dreaming Grove by Levi Melton
Two girls share their dreaming world. Things get scary when someone or something crawls in there with them. The excerpt is in the present tense and the dream world is described lyrically.

The Hollow of Mont Noir by Jennifer Krey
An animal empath moves to a new town in the wake of her brother’s disappearance. There she discovers the existence of supernatural creatures, one of whom is stalking her. The concept of animal empathy sounds interesting and it would be cool to see what the author does with it.

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