52Under2: Week 9 Shortlist

Week 9 of my 52Under2 book reviews.

These are the Top 5 books that caught my eye on Smashwords this week and I’ll be reviewing one of them in depth later in the week.

Eternal Changes by Tiffany Berry
After her father’s death, a girl moves to a new town where she gets embroiled in the middle of a vampire war.
The excerpt is pretty good, though there’s a weird switch in how the protagonist refers to her mother early on. The book is well formatted and has an attractive cover.

Found by Yana Guleva
A vampire-werewolf-human love triangle (though by different names) in Alaska. The Alaskan setting could be interesting. The excerpt has a couple of grammar errors and missing words. For the price – free – this book could be worth checking out.

Neophyte by Emmalee Aple
In a beach house on Earth, a girl grows into her new angel powers. Things take a turn for the dangerous when a gray-winged angel abducts her.
The excerpt was good, plunging straight into the jeopardy. Though I found the action a little confusing and a lot of characters were introduced very quickly.

ALTOR: The Shadow Rebellion by L J deVet
After a series of premonitions, a sorcerer finds his world changed and he has to confront a powerful enemy. I was interested in this book because the author produced both a UK and a US version. I wondered what was involved with that – whether it was a simple as flipping the dictionary used by the spellchecker or whether the author went through and localised idioms and words like trousers/pants.

Marked by Jennifer Snyder
The description made this one sound like a fairly standard werewolf romance. However, when I read the excerpt I was immediately hooked. It is well-written. You are plunged straight into the romantic conflict. The characters are immediate and vivid.
This is the book I’ll be reviewing later this week.

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