Inertia | Exothermia

Sometimes I think being creative is like an exothermic reaction. You have to put energy in to get the reaction started, but you get much more energy out. I know getting started on a new project takes effort and energy, but once I’ve got started on the creative process, the energy and excitement I get out is amazing.

So why is it so hard to put that energy in to get started in the first place? Inertia. Leaping from a state of rest into action is something I find difficult. There are a lot of things I perceive as easier than getting started – like watching TV – but they are definitely endothermic activities. Easier to get started,but they suck all the energy out of me so I end up feeling lethargic and useless. Which makes it even more difficult to get motivated to start on a creative endeavor.

The cure? I haven’t really fine-tuned it yet, mostly I have to remind myself how good I feel after I’ve achieved something. Or I ask my husband to give me a (figurative) kick up the backside.

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