Unfit to unfat

My self-improvement drive continues. In addition to improving my mind through some Coursera courses, I’m attempting to improve my health.

I’ve always felt an odd disconnect from my body, like it’s just a thing that carries my consciousness from place to place and provides an API to the world. It’s a strange way to feel and I’m trying to change it. My body is as much me as my mind is, but at 30 I’m only just getting to know it and its capabilities again after almost a decade of letting things slide, of getting sluggish and complacent.

Starting from scratch is daunting. I’ve found a couple of useful tools on the NHS website to get me going.

In addition, Wimbledon has inspired me to try tennis lessons. I think I need something more that fitness for fitness’s sake to aim for, something social, something competitive, something mentally challenging too.

It’s week one. Wish me luck.


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